John Tory

The quiet, consistent work Mark Persaud does to bring people and communities together is making an immense contribution to our ability to succeed as one of the most diverse societies on earth.

Ed Morgan

Mark works with a low profile, toiling constantly to bring communities together without calling attention to himself, all aimed at making this a better society for all. It’s truly a Canadian approach to multicultural co-existence and we need many more like him.

Chief Superintendent David Beer

Mark has an unusually wide ranging experience that is thefoundation of his impressive network of trusted colleagues and contacts. dcb, Vice President, International Association of Chiefs of Police Director General, International Policing, RCMP (retired).

Rocco Rossi

I have known Mark for many years, and I have never met anyone else more committed to always making a difference in everything he does. A consummate professional with enormous advocacy skills and an ability to work across disparate groups to bring them together, Mark is a great asset to have in your corner.