Canadian Lawyer. Social Entrepreneur. Public Figure.




Decades of excellence in public service guided by a vision and passion for fairness and equality.

LL.D. honoris causa


I would like to talk a bit about my journey to and through the legal profession; a profession that I dearly love. I hope my story will challenge you to reflect and think carefully about your future role in the profession and your future contributions to society. 

– Mark M. Persaud 

2016 Law Society of Upper Canada Honorary Doctorate Recipient

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Career timeline of Marks’s dynamic career in the field of law, social entrepreurship and politics.


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brief bio

Mark M. Persaud, LL.B., LL.M., LL.D.  was called to the Ontario Bar in 1993 and held a broad range of positions with the Department of Justice as a prosecutor, counsel to the RCMP and civil litigation counsel.

 He studied political science at York University and obtained his law degrees from Osgoode Hall Law School. He also studied at the Center for Study of Values in Public Life at Harvard University. He is a senior counsel at a Toronto law firm. He practices both civil and criminal litigation including commercial and real estate litigation, administrative and regulatory law as well as professional discipline. He has also been an adjunct law professor and a media commentator.

statements about mark persaud from others

John Tory

The quiet, consistent work Mark Persaud does to bring people and communities together is making an immense contribution to our ability to succeed as one of the most diverse societies on earth.

City of Toronto

Rocco Rossi

I have known Mark for many years, and I have never met anyone else more committed to always making a difference in everything he does. A consummate professional with enormous advocacy skills and an ability to work across disparate groups to bring them together, Mark is a great asset to have in your corner.

President & CEO
Ontario Chamber of Commerce

Chief Superintendent David Beer (Ret.)

Mark has an unusually wide ranging experience that is thefoundation of his impressive network of trusted colleagues and contacts.

Director General, International Policing
Royal Canadian Mounted Police
“Mark works with a low profile, toiling constantly to bring communities together without calling attention to himself, all aimed at making this a better society for all. It’s truly a Canadian approach to multicultural co-existence and we need many more like him.”

Professor Ed Morgan
Professor of law & president of the canadian jewish congress
Mark Persaud has done many years of bridge-building among communities, peoples; nations and regions, based always on equal human dignity and opportunity for all.

Imam Dr. Hamid Slimi
President of the council of imams of canada
"His perseverance in championing peace and harmony and recognizing diversity among all nations truly make him deserving of (the Seoul Peace Prize) ."

Phil Fontaine
national chief, assembly of first nations
“It has been my pleasure to know Mark for a number of years. He has an unparalleled record as an advocate for international peace and humanitarian issues. He has been a valued advisor to many of my colleagues in the political forum. Mark is a man of great integrity and intellect and is an asset to any endeavor that he enters.”

David Tsubouchi
Board Member of the OMERS Pension Fund, Author of "Gambatte", Former Ontario Cabinet Minister
"Mark Persaud has done many years of bridge-building among communities, peoples; nations and regions, based always on equal human dignity and opportunity for all."

David Kilgour
former federal secretary of state & parlimentary Secretary
“Mark has a brilliant legal mind with a healthy dose of common sense. He cares about his clients and treats everyone respectfully no matter who they are. On top of that, he is just an excellent person and a great friend/colleague. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him.” ."

Chantal Desloges
senior partner at desloges law group-immigration lawyers

be part of change

“You have the ability not only to be great lawyers but also effective leaders and agents of change on a wide spectrum of issues. Be guided by your ideas, ideals and passion. Don’t be afraid to be brave and tough as lawyers, but remember to always be fair and reasonable”


-Mark M. Persaud

2016 Law Society of Upper Canada recipient of Doctorate of Laws ( LL.D. honoris causa)