Mark Persaud landed in Toronto from Guyana homeless with eighty dollars in his pocket. Today he's a lawyer running a peace organization. He accomplished it all, he says, through giving back to the community.

- Canadian Immigrant Magazine

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Called to the bar in 1993, Mark  has since  had a comprehensive and dynamic career in an array of different law disciplines.

human rights
From a homeless youth living on the streets of Toronto upon arrival in Canada, Mark has been an effective human rights and social justice advocate for minorities and gender issues as well as homelessness
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social entrepreneurship
Ground breaking and innovative social entrepreneurship and leadership on a wide range of social issues. Founder, Director, Advisor and Volunteer with a large number of not for profit organisations
Mark M. Persaud Canadian Lawyer

Twice elected to the National Executive of a Federal Political Party, Mark has chaired, advised and volunteered on numerous political campaigns at the federal, provincial and municipal levels. Currently he is not a member of any political party and is non-partisan.